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Integrating the past can transform your present day reality


I’ve been having a year of processing dozens of my own past lives, and helping dozens of clients do the same. 

I am absolutely amazed at how powerful and effective it has been to integrate the past lives for myself and for my clients.

Now, I am excited to share this gift with the world in the form of inner voice sessions with IVFT grads who are certified in our Past Life Specialty Training. 

We were blown away by the interest in past life sessions and received 270 responses to have a free session! 

If you suspect you might have a past life pattern appearing in your current life and are ready for it to be released and integrated, we have worked with our new PLS grads to create an exclusive new offer for you.

Past Life Inner Voice Sessions

A 75-minute classic Inner Voice Session for $222.

Bookings will be taken until 31st October but the actual sessions can take place at a later date.

The PLS Facilitators will have access to this list and contact you to arrange a session. They will organize payment and scheduling separately from Team Alively.


If your intuition says "YES" to a past life inner voice session, sign up below and a Facilitator will be in touch soon.

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