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Want to have a session, or series of sessions, with Bella?

You can use these sessions to talk with Bella about anything… experiences you’re having with expanding consciousness, growing beyond the mind, using your intuition to guide life and career changes, how to launch and grow a business or podcast intuitively, etc!

There are three options for Talk with Bella sessions: 60 minutes, 2.5 hours, or 4 weekly 60 minute calls over the span of one month. Book your session using the links below.


Or, if you want to do a Classic Inner Voice Session or a Past Life Integration Session, please connect with one of our certified Inner Voice Facilitators

What Bella's Clients are Saying

"I've worked with Bella in many different capacities for the past 8 years - wow! I've learned from her through the podcast episodes, became a practicing student through her courses like Flow With Intention and Magic Not Manual, trained as an Inner Voice Facilitator, and worked with her as the Foundation Director.

However, working intimately with Bella one-on-one felt magical on a different level.

As I've been going through the journey of pregnancy, beanbags and the energy from past lives have revealed themselves and Bella has helped me see through them with increased awareness. She energetically held my hand and provided ease for the mind as it has gotten used to this new normal.

Thank you for living your Bella Vita! It has inspired me to do the same!"

4 weekly 60 minute session series

This is a package of four, 60 minute sessions done weekly spaced over the course of 1 month for $1,666. 

Please book your first session using the link below, and we will schedule the following three sessions at the end of each call going forward. 

If a session spot is not appearing you time zone, please email so we can arrange a personalized time that aligns for both of our schedules.

60 minute session with bella

60 minute talk with Bella sessions are $444 and you can book your spot using the link below.

2.5 hour session with bella

2.5 hour talk with Bella sessions are $888 and you can book your spot using the link below.