living beyond our limiting stories

Our biggest liberation comes from releasing the stories that keep us stuck in limitation.

I have “inner voiced” within myself for 13 years… but I only recently had a perception shift that has proved to be one of the most transformational.

At the end of a dating relationship in 2021, I was more determined than ever before to get to the bottom of why the relationship ended, and why my mind had such a hard time “moving on.” 

During a deep inner voice session within myself, I heard the answer:


This clarity launched me into a massive journey to understand the dynamics of victimhood within my mind – and how I was creating my own reality to match this unconscious, unhelpful pattern.

Since this first experience, I have unearthed a handful of different situations where my mind has constructed other “victim stories.” In catching them, I freed myself from the dysfunctional effects – and the situations and relationships themselves transformed… starting with my own empowerment.

In addition, I have also undergone a deep personal life change that would have previously landed me on my knees… but in this case I avoided the victim story altogether.

I flew instead of falling.

With friends and on the ‘Beauty of Life’ Lively Show podcast series, it has now become a huge joy for me to help others catch and release their own victim stories, too.

In Inpowered, I helped group of bold, insightful people spend 21 days diving deeply into their own minds and freeing themselves from inner stories of victimhood, lack, and limitation.

We can free ourselves from our victim stories.

Inpowered is an opportunity to begin a process that pays dividends for a lifetime...
(or several if you're into that kind of thing.)

Join us in the journey to greater inner & outer freedom

How the Course Works

Over three powerful coaching calls, Inpowered members used deep introspection to uncover the stories that keep them stuck in lack, limitation, and unhelpful relationship dynamics.

The pre-recorded group sessions with Bella are filled coaching and guidance for members on any topics they feel stuck in in their life; helping themselves and the others in the class to free themselves of similar stories.

Get instant access to over 18 hours of pre-recorded content to help you release your victim stories.