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Jamie Dean

Inner Voice Facilitator, RTT Therapist, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing, StrengthIN session Timezone: PST, Language: English

Hi! My name is Jamie and I help people connect and deepen into the magic within themselves. I believe life is meant to be en(joy)ed and anything blocking us from that pleasure can be alchemized. Life is a cycle of learning and unlearning, and I’m here to walk alongside you through that journey.

Following the intuitive guidance of my own inner voice has taken me on a magnificent journey of self-discovery and authentic alignment, and I’m honored to share this medicine with others. Combining Inner Voice, Rapid Transformational Therapy (hypnosis), and my unique life experiences, I help clients reprogram their subconscious beliefs, embody their innate knowing, and reclaim their birthright of joy, love, and abundance.

If it feels aligned, I’m excited to be part of your journey.