Expanding Alignment

elevate your alignment & spark more joy

You've asked... and your class is about to begin!

“I want… a class like Elevate With Intention for daily alignment and elevation (maybe with some PlayTime experimental vibes.”

“I really like the idea of a class dedicated to finding alignment in the everyday! Another way to see it could be a class about sparking joy! Truly feeling the beauty of being alive as you always say. What’s holding you back from living with a heart of joy!”

“I like the elevate for daily alignment idea. Something to get you in your highest vibe and super tapped in. A daily practice!”

– Three Alively World Community Members

First, align. Then, flow into your life.

As many Alively World community members know, “alignment before action” has been a consistent practice in my own life for the past 7 years. Over time, it has become a bit of an art, and certainly a way of life. 

The results of this practice in the practical world, and in synchronistic magical manifestations, has been so profound I cannot imagine living another way.

As requested by 160+ community members, including some of the messages from Alively World members above, I’m excited to bring a group of joy and alignment seekers into a 4 week experimental class for elevating our daily alignment beyond our norms! 

So whether you’re already an ‘alignment pro,’ and want to expand your vibration beyond your current range, or maybe you’ve been feeling a bit ‘blah’ lately and want to start to get your spark back… this class will help everyone at any stage of their alignment journey join in the fun of expansion.


Join us in a 4-week "vibrational experiment workshop"... inviting even more joy & alignment into your everyday.

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How the Class Works

Each week, over four weeks, we will meet as a group online to walk together through an experiment of higher joy and alignment.

Expanding Alignment members will have Alignment buddies to connect to during the class, lots of hot seat coaching opportunities with Bella, and a plethora of new ways to play with alignment in daily life.

Crystal Sparkles

Expanding Alignment Schedule

We will meet live every week on Sunday for four weeks.

Class 1: March 3 at 1 pm est / 6pm London

Class 2: March 10 at 1 pm est / 6pm London

Class 3: March 17 at 1pm est / 6pm London

Class 4: March 24 at 1 pm est / 6pm London

Save $111 when you purchase the Expanding Alignment & Aligned Business Bundle!