Create your own reality
from the inside out

My favorite experience in
2022 was creating Bella Vita.

For the pure pleasure and joy of creation and imagination, I have been crafting my own inner ‘dream’ reality that I lovingly call “Bella Vita.”

At first, it was just a fun way to spend time — the way some people watch fiction TV shows or  read books. Bella Vita was my own “inner TV show without any limitations – and only the stuff I love.”

But as the months, and level of detail in Bella Vita unfolded, the interaction and connection between the physical world and Bella Vita began to take shape. It was exciting to see how the pure joy and creative unlimitlessness of this inner reality began to appear in my actual personal life.

Now, six months into Bella Vita’s existence, Bella Vita has become a creation studio for me to make decisions on my home, wardrobe, personal connections, and even the next era of Team Alively and the Alively Community heading into 2023!

While sharing about my deep love of this experience, many friends and clients have asked me to share what I have discovered – so that they too might feel inspired and get ideas for how they can create their own inner realities, as well.

Bella Vita is a 6-week audio course sharing how to unfold of your own inner dream reality step-by-step... and eventually blend it into your physical reality.

How the Audio
Course Works

In this six week self-paced audio course, you’ll do one class audio “module” per week with steps to take that week to start creating your own dream inner reality.

A live Q+A call recording answering participant questions is included in the course. 

What Bella Vita Covers...

Week 1:
Introduction + Creating Your Portal
  • Introduction to the work: why I did this and the results so far
  • How to select and create your own primary location
  • The power and purpose of naming your reality
Week 2:

Create Your Dream Home + Avatar

  • Why you might want to use Pinterest, and what to curate 
  • How vibration factors into your dream reality
  • Suggested elements to use from your physical life to amplify your dream reality
Week 3:

Creating a Whole World + Manifesting Between Realities

  • The benefits of creating a universe, a planet, or an abstract dimension
  • How to manifest between physical reality and your dream reality
  • Using wiser decision making from your dream reality to transform physical reality
Week 4:

Other People + Pets

  • Exploring the pros and cons of adding people and animals to your dream reality
  • Non-physical entities: approaching and inviting safely
  • Manifesting future physical connections from your dream reality 
Week 5:

Bodiless Point of Awareness

  • The power of “Fairy Godmothering” your past
  • How to use your dream reality to rejuvenate your body and mind quickly 
Week 6:

Blending Your Dream Reality With Your Physical Reality

  • How to blend tangible physical sensations into your dream reality
  • How to blend the dream and physical realms going forward