Allow your inner voice to be CEO of your company

Are you running an aligned business?

Does your inner voice make the decisions when it comes to the offerings, pricing, bookkeeping, taxes, hiring, and marketing for your business?

In this unique class, you will work with Bella to transform your business from your inside out! 

We will work together to go from letting the mind run the show, to giving your Inner Voice center stage.

You’ve asked… and your class is about to begin! 

“I want… a new business class with your fresh perspectives since your previous class, Invoice, focused less on team and more on letting intuition lead the way.

A business class that’s less focused on heavy emotional releasing and more on fine tuning and elevating. 

Kind of like the original concept of Welling, but for business. Like, ‘how good can this get?’ How much flow can we allow? How much can we really drop everything the mind wants to do and just let the intuition lead the way 100%? 

Basically expanding beyond the mind’s current edges.”

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Aligned Business is an evergreen class dedicated to giving your mind a break and making your Inner Voice the CEO of your company.

How Class Works

In this pre-recorded six module class, we deep dive into all facets of your business and assess where there is more growth and inner voice direction to be gained.

Tune into over 16 hours of pre-recorded content and coaching with Bella, perform a completely unique business assessment, and allow your Inner Voice be the CEO of your company more than ever before.

Aligned Business Covers...


Assessment (Before)

We dive into the different aspects of your business and see who’s currently running the show — your mind or inner voice. You will also get access to pre-recorded coaching with Bella and fellow entrepreneurs who took the class live.

MODULES 2 – 5:

Aligning Your Business 

We dive into the different aspects of your business — from book keeping and taxes to marketing, hiring, and offerings. Whatever aspects of business you need support with, we dive into.


Assessment (After)

We wrap up by letting the Inner Voice do an “after” assessment on the different aspects of your business. We create a longterm vision of how the business can continue to grow and expand in alignment with your inner voice going forward.

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Join the Aligned Business Class and get immediate access to over 16 hours of content!