Joyfully Overflowing

Over 12 years, hundreds of clients have asked me questions about abundance…
and often about money specifically.


Which always has been a joy to me, because this aspect of life happens to be one of my biggest strengths.

I love having an abundance of wealth… to enjoy spending, investing, and giving back.

However, abundance began very simply for me: When I was 15, I started a jewelry business with a $5 bag of beads. After college graduation, I took my accessory company full-time, just one year before the 2008 recession and with only $700 in my bank account.

It was fascinating to learn to how to expand as a young entrepreneur in a challenging economic environment, and years later to transition from one self-employed industry to another.

Through it all, flowing with my intuition over my 15-year career has helped me thrive…

without knowing how or when money will flow into my life.

Now, I’ve created a 4-week online experience helping others to flow with limitless abundance also.

Unlimited Aligned Abundance the most
multi-dimensional class I’ve ever taught.

Each week is filled with fun, practical application steps on the physical and non-physical level.

To help me make this class as aligning and insightful as possible, I asked my personal RTT hypnotherapist,
my astrologer, and a long-time IVFT grad to join me in the teaching of this course!

Unlimited Aligned Abundance Includes:

  • How to set and effectively use the power of Values-based intentions

  • A pre-recorded group RTT hypnotherapy session and a custom hypnotherapy recording for members

  • A pre-recorded workshop on understanding your astrological birth chart for personal abundance strategies

  • Deeper connection and clarity from your inner voice about abundance and money

  • A pre-recorded workshop on emotional ‘bean bag’ releasing to delete old limiting beliefs

  • And many more surprises and fun projects as well!

Course Outline

Week 1

Aligned Vibrations & Intentions with Bella Lively

Week 2

Group RTT Hypnotherapy Abundance Regression with Rachel Crethar

Group Money Blocks + Emotional Bean Bag Release Session with Lauren Ciesco

Week 3

 Aligned Effortless Action For Unlimited Abundance with Bella Lively

Astrology Workshop: Your Birth Chart & Personal Abundance Strategies with Maria Strakhova

Week 4

Aligned Purchasing & Releasing & Q+A with Bella Lively



Meet the Collaborators

Rachel Crethar

Rachel is my personal Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT) and dear friend. I have worked with her personally over the years on my own subconscious re-programming with RTT, and I have recommended countless friends and friends-of-friends to her for her hypnotherapy services! Rachel led a group RTT regression session on the topic of money and abundance, and provided a custom class recording to listen to for 21 days to help you integrate your new vibration and beliefs. Learn more about Rachel’s services at rachelcrethar.com.

Lauren Ciesco

Lauren is a long-time IVFT grad, LivINg Room teacher, and Business Coach who will help you release money Bean Bags and limiting stories around easy abundance!

Learn more about Lauren and her work at laurenciesco.com.

Maria Strakhova

Maria is my dear friend in real life and an incredible astrologist. I have sent her a dozen of my friends for birth chart readings, and I am constantly hearing my friends quote the many ways Maria has helped them see the current stage of their lives more clearly – and change their lives for the better. Maria’s workshop on abundance strategies will help you find alignment with your astrological birth chart so you can start seeing better results in your life right away!