beautifully alive

from the inside out

The Sophia


Did you know the word Sophia means ‘wisdom’ in Greek?

Together we will detox heavy emotions, get guidance from our inner wisdom & imagine and manifest our futures in these brand new, hourlong experiences.

Think of Sophia Sessions like an energy spa, or ‘pilates class for your soul.’

All levels of Inner Voice experience welcome and packages available.

Live sessions will take place Monday-Friday in May. 

Our world is changing faster than ever before because
our inner worlds are changing faster than ever before.

To navigate and thrive in this new era, we each have a part of our consciousness filled with clarity, peace, freedom, and personal guidance.

I call this wise, innate aspect of our awareness the “inner voice.” 

Welcome to Alively World, a place to help you connect, expand, and live from your inner voice and personal wisdom in everyday life. 

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