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Hosted by Zileena Doctor.

In today’s Information Age, there are so many theories and ‘experts’ telling us what’s right and wrong when it comes to parenting. We have become so conditioned by past experiences and by society telling us what is right and wrong for our families, that we have forgotten to simply just parent, for ourselves and from ourselves. I am here to tell you that everything you need to know about parenting your children, can be found within YOU.

So what is Intuitive Parenting? It is simply parenting! It is the understanding that everything we need to know about parenting can be found within us.

In this three week course, you will learn tips on how to access your inner voice, how to use this voice when parenting, using the inner voice in intense moments, and how to help your children connect with their inner voice. You will also have the opportunity for me to hold space for your inner voice to be heard.

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