Kandie Koed

Inner Voice Coach, Bean Bag Releases, Subconscious Identity Transformational Coach, Master Manifester, Timezone: MST, Language: English Guided by my inner voice I combine neuroscience, physics and ancient wisdom to guide you in creating lasting changes so you may design a life you truly love living.  Instagram GET IN TOUCH

Jenelle Katrine Nicolajsen

Inner-Voice & Bean-bag Release Sessions for Hormonal Balancing | Fertility & Preparing to Conceive |  Navigating Pregnancy: Care & Preparing for Birth, Postnatal and Motherhood | Holistic Wellness Topics | Inner Connection & Emotional Release Instructor, Mamahood Journey Mentor & Holistic Wellness Facilitator | Timezone: MST, Language: English A decade’s long buildup struggling with hormonal distress, missing ovulation, acne, anxiety and a […]

Lindsay Tanner

Classic Inner Voice Session, Bean Bag Releasing, Yoga Teacher, Timezone: MST, PST, Language: English My mission is to help you live your most aligned life through discovering your own internal guidance, inspiration, and empowerment. Through inner voice work, I believe we all have the power to live present, fulfilling, and peaceful lives. I love working […]

Meg Comeau

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Timezone: MST, EST, Language: English Meg’s past struggles with self-confidence, body image, anger, victim-mentality, people-pleasing, and guilt of moving far away from family has given her a deep understanding in guiding clients to emotional healing and inner-wisdom and clarity around these areas. She knows from experience […]

Dana Evans

Emotional Feeling & Clearing Coach, Inner Voice Facilitator, Somatic exploration, Nervous system support, Breath and Body Coach, Classic Inner Voice Sessions, Beanbag Release Sessions, Timezone: MST, Language: English Bringing order to emotional chaos – Want to feel comfortable exploring the full spectrum of emotions? What if you could unpack your emotional baggage with guidance and […]