Brenda Wilken

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Speciality, Health Coach, Reiki, Yoga, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing, Intuition Coach, Meditation, Mindfulness Timezone: EST, Language: English I’m here to be your guide on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping you live a life aligned with your inner wisdom. Through inner voice work, my mission is […]

Jori Andler

Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Specialty, Yoga Nidra Guide, Reiki Facilitator, Ceremonialist Timezone: EST, Language: English You have access to all you need. I’m thrilled to hold space and be a witness and companion in your journey as you access this. Whether it’s clearing something keeping you stuck or receiving guidance for the now […]

Jacquelyn Mayers

Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty Inner Voice Sessions, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Somatic Approach to Trauma Processing, Nervous System Regulation, Reiki Master Teacher, Law Enforcement Background, Timezone: PST, Language: English Having worked in law enforcement since 2006, I’ve seen and experienced trauma and I’m passionate in guiding people process […]

Kathrine Teilmann Lindholm

Inner Voice Facilitator, Reiki healer, Geographer, Timezone: EST, Language: English, Danish, Spanish My Inner Voice has told me to … “Go inwards and play outwards” and I am finding so much joy and fun in connecting with my own and other people’s Inner Voices as a Facilitator. I offer both customized and classic Inner Voice […]

Kathryn Sullivan

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Death Doula, Reiki Practitioner, Circle Holder, Timezone: CEST & Worldwide, Language: English I am a death doula, space holder, dancer and dreamer. By honoring life’s natural rhythms and cycles, I endeavor to bring peace and acceptance to every step of the journey. I truly believe that living in accordance with our […]

Cathrine van Eeghen

Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Reiki Healer, Coach, Timezone: CET, Languages: English, Dutch I would love to help you go beyond your mind and connect to the wisest, most peaceful and joyful part of you. I can also help you release old stuck emotions/energy. You will also feel so much lighter. It […]

Ha Do

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Freedom & Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master, Timezone: ACST, Language: English It is my desire to help people either free themselves of the internal struggles or make bold empowered choices while still in the midst of struggling to live out exceptional lives. I wish for people to know and feel their life […]

Jessica Flannigan

Inner Voice Facilitator, Reiki, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Parenting, Health Coach (currently in training), Group Inner Voice sessions, Group Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Timezone: CST, Language: English I know what it’s like to feel stuck, uninspired and unsure about the best way forward. Going within and listening deeply to my Inner Voice changed everything. […]

Lindy Bison

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator,  Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, StrenghIN, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation/Visualization, Timezone: EST and Worldwide, Language: English Flow. Less preparing and more allowing. Silence is not to be feared. That is when we hear and feel the deepest kind of LOVE and get to know who we truly are. All will flow […]

Jessica Smith

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Certified Mind Body Eating Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Alignment Queen, Timezone: EST, Language: English I help high-achieving women (read: strong-minded women!) harness the power of their Intuition, unapologetically feel their feelings, & live a soul-aligned life. Instagram > GET IN TOUCH