Briana Alexa Van Stimmel

Inner Voice Facilitator Timezone: PST, Language: English I have a completely open mind with absolutely no judgment, no right or wrong, heavy emphasis on releasing shame and overcoming fears. I have experience working with people who struggle with bean bags related to addictions. I am a creative, writer, and musician so I relate with artists […]

Jori Andler

Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Specialty, Yoga Nidra Guide, Reiki Facilitator, Ceremonialist Timezone: EST, Language: English You have access to all you need. I’m thrilled to hold space and be a witness and companion in your journey as you access this. Whether it’s clearing something keeping you stuck or receiving guidance for the now […]

Melissa Abdine

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Speciality, Intuitive Guide, Certified EFT/hypnosis/nlp/ facilitator, Channeled Light Energy practitioner, Sound bowl facilitator, yoga teacher, breathwork healer, mom, and quirky creative soul! Offers individual sessions, workshops, circles, soul hikes + creative healing retreats. Timezone: CST, Language: English Hi! I’m Mel, a field guide for souls… My path in […]

Jane Alice Buchanan

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty Inner Voice Sessions, RTT Facilitator, Timezone: AEST, Language: English We all have the answers within – inner-tuition or as we call it in the Lively community, ‘inner voice’ – that’s there to guide you along your path. Clearing space to access a peaceful state of awareness to hear […]

Jacquelyn Mayers

Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty Inner Voice Sessions, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Trauma Informed Yoga Instructor, Somatic Approach to Trauma Processing, Nervous System Regulation, Reiki Master Teacher, Law Enforcement Background, Timezone: PST, Language: English Having worked in law enforcement since 2006, I’ve seen and experienced trauma and I’m passionate in guiding people process […]

Kaileen Elise

Inner Voice Facilitator, Life Coach, Business Coach, Group Coaching Timezone: CST, Language: English I am an intuition coach for entrepreneurs, mothers, and soul seekers. Experience my grounded and light approach to what can often feel like a loaded topic in my free course, 21 Days to Intuition. Click the button below to sign up and […]

Marie Kohler

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty, Musician and Yoga Teacher, Mom of 3, Timezone: CET (Geneva Time), Language: French, English, some Spanish I can facilitate in French and in English! I provide a safe and peaceful space for you to connect to your Inner Voice in the most comfortable way. My experience as a […]

Sophia Säenger

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty, Bean Bag Release, Inner Voice Sessions, Intuitive Life Coaching, Pregnancy & Postpartum Support.Language: English, German, Timezone: CET We all have an inner knowing – call it your intuition or your inner voice – that’s here to guide us every single step of the way. And learning to hear it […]

Harumi LaDuke

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Speciality, Emotional Beanbag Releasing, Intuitive Coach, Energetic Guide, PSYCH-K Advanced and Master facilitator, Certified EFT facilitator, Certified Emotion Code practitioner, Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Certified Pranic Healer Level 1, Human Design, Psychic mediumship, Inner Child. Offers individual sessions, workshops, courses, and retreats. Timezone: PST, Language: English You don’t […]

Melanie Mondini

Inner Voice Facilitator, Beanbag Release Sessions, Human Design Reader & Coach, Timezone: GMT, Language: English ‘Mel, this is the deepest I have ever gone exploring places I was scared before to go to…’ is a feedback I receive often. With my 15 years experience in the Wellness and Holistic Health Industry I have the background and […]