Eliza Sharp

Classis Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Beanbag Release Sessions, StrengthIN Sessions, Certified Life Coach, Intuition Coach, Masters in Global Leadership, Relationship Coach, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Coach, Grief Coach, Public Speaking, Journaling, Intentional Life Design, Mindfulness, Parenting Timezone: CST, EST Language: English As a coach with decades of experience, I love assisting my clients as a guide […]

Melissa Peterson

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty Training, Emotional Beanbag Release, Certified Life Coach, Advanced Training in Nervous System Resilience, Nurse with speciality training in trauma recovery, Business and Entrepreneurship Coaching, Timezone: CST, Language: English Hello! I’m so excited you were led to connect with me! It is my honor to hold space for your […]

Patricia Cimino

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Life Coach, Business Coach, Mindset & Confidence Coach, Yoga Instructor, Timezone: EST, Language: English, Greek Do you feel like you are always looking for someone to give you the magic blueprint for what to do?  Let’s stop looking outside for what you really want and tap […]

Megan (rhymes w/vegan) Arneson

Inner Voice Facilitator, Public Speaking Coach, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Life Coach, Business Coach, Timezone: PST, Language: English Thousands of years of Patriarchy have conditioned us to continuously look outside of ourselves for guidance. I help women stop depending on others for answers and return to Sovereignty in all areas from business/career to love/relationships, […]

Kaileen Elise

Inner Voice Facilitator, Life Coach, Business Coach, Group Coaching Timezone: CST, Language: English I am an intuition coach for entrepreneurs, mothers, and soul seekers. Experience my grounded and light approach to what can often feel like a loaded topic in my free course, 21 Days to Intuition. Click the button below to sign up and […]

Kelly Pierce

Inner Voice Facilitator, RTT, Akashic Records, Life Coaching, Business Coaching I help women stop people pleasing, overcome perfectionism, and learn how to trust their intuition to live lives more joyfully, with alignment, abundance of time and peace of mind. As you embrace your inner truth and get clear on boundaries you can step into the […]

Leah Rezin

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Strength(IN) sessions, Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Timezone: CST, Language: English I love you. I see you. You have all the permission to be exactly what you need to be. If you’re looking to uncover things your mind has been chewing on or release some emotions that […]

Leticia Ringe

Award-Winning Life Coach & Inner Voice Facilitator specialising in Conscious Relationships, Holistic Business, Life Purpose & Intentional Life Design. Timezone: All (Digital Nomad), Language: English Leticia Ringe is an Award-Winning, Double-Certified Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and The Life Coach School, Certified Inner Voice Facilitator & Teacher of Mov-IN Forward. She is […]

Lauren Cash

Inner Voice Facilitator, Coach, Life Coach, Business Coach, Timezone: PST, Language: English I help my clients listen to their inner voices and follow their guidance, especially around topics the mind likes to get hooked on like time, money, energy, and how to “do” business. Instagram > GET IN TOUCH

Abigail Scott

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Career + Life Coach, Timezone: EST, Language: English Abigail Scott is a Career and Life Coach who partners with women to help them live with more alignment, confidence, ease and joy. After 15 years as a corporate employee, Abigail followed her intuition and started her own coaching business. As an Inner […]