A New Approach to Manifesting Practically and Magically

Merging Values-based intentions with modern manifesting

About a decade ago, I taught my very first course, Life with Intention.

Hundreds of students took this class and carefully crafted Values-based intentions to achieve all three levels of meaningful success – having, doing, and being – in all aspects of their lives. 

Now, in Manifest with Intention, I’m taking the gold from this foundational course and merging it with the advanced principles of conscious manifestation.

While the majority of manifesting courses today emphasize a rather mystical, ‘woo-woo’ approach to manifesting…

Manifest with Intention cultivates a fresh, distinctly practical manifesting practice. 


MWI is ideal for the new-ish and very advanced in the manifesting world. 

For the newbies, the course is ideal for those who feel more down to Earth than the typical ‘sparkle unicorn’ manifestors that some manifesting courses seem to attract. 

It will also be a refreshingly clear and action-able approach for the manifesting veterans who are interested in masterfully allowing the magic of their higher selves to manifest through them with low mental effort.

Class begins May 5th, 2024

Allow more practicality and magic into your way of manifesting...

Bonus: When you join Manifest With Intention, you also get unlimited access to Sophia Sessions for the entire month of May! That’s six potential days per week with Bella to manifest magic!

How Class Works

Weekly module calls with Bella will include teaching & instruction, along with ample time for hot-seat coaching.

Private MWI members group to meet online and offline.

Practical application during the 4 weeks will allow members to trial run the material and troubleshoot  any issues that arise with Bella.

Class Schedule

All sessions will be recorded. 

If you cannot join a session, please submit any questions for Bella ahead of the session.

Week 1

Sunday, May 5 at 1pm-3pm Eastern / 6pm-8pm London

Week 2

Sunday, May 12 at 1pm-3pm Eastern / 6pm-8pm London

Week 3

Sunday, May 19 at at 1pm-3pm Eastern / 6pm-8pm London

Week 4

Sunday, May 26 at 1pm-3pm Eastern / 6pm-8pm London

Bella inside looking down smiling

Special Bonus

When you join Manifest with Intention, you also get access to Sophia Sessions for the entire month of May!

After you join MWI, you will receive a special code to access any Sophia Sessions you choose.