Alex Alabadi

Inner Voice Facilitator, Introspective Communication, Wellbeing Illustration, Illustration, Muralling, Animation, Timezone: GMT, Language: English, Spanish and Catalan As an artist, I’m familiar with art blocks. As an overanalyzing human, I’m familiar with indecision. And as a recovering people pleaser, I have seen how much that’s not ours we can carry. I have found Inner Voice […]

Silja Mahlow

Inner Voice Facilitator, Spiritual Leadership Timezone: CET, Language: English and German There is a light in each of us, guiding us, loving us in our beautiful human form. Every day we have opportunities to connect deeper with this light until we finally realize that we are the light. I love to help people connect with […]

Erin McMahon

Inner Voice Facilitator, Motherhood, Parenting, Business Coach, Breathwork Timezone: EST, Language: English Erin is an intuition coach and business advisor with 15+ years in business and leadership. She is the mother of two young children and has navigated multiple career transitions, gaps in work, and relationship transitions. She loves helping others navigate their life journey! […]

Mariann Tripp

Inner Voice Facilitator, Self-Love Timezone: PST, Language: English I enjoy working with women who’s minds are extra chatty. I use the Inner Voice to combat negative self-talk, and the stories our minds tell us. True unconditional love begins within ourselves.  INSTAGRAM>

Briana Alexa Van Stimmel

Inner Voice Facilitator Timezone: PST, Language: English I have a completely open mind with absolutely no judgment, no right or wrong, heavy emphasis on releasing shame and overcoming fears. I have experience working with people who struggle with bean bags related to addictions. I am a creative, writer, and musician so I relate with artists […]

Angelica Evilsizor

Inner Voice Facilitator Timezone: PST, Language: English, Spanish I’ve always been curious about other people and their experiences in life, which has cultivated a listening ear that I am very proud of as well as an ability to dive into big topics and ask questions that encourage introspection and lead to actual shifts. I show […]

Brenda Wilken

Inner Voice Facilitator, Health Coach, Reiki, Yoga, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing, Intuition Coach, Meditation, Mindfulness Timezone: EST, Language: English I’m here to be your guide on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping you live a life aligned with your inner wisdom. Through inner voice work, my mission is to empower you to find […]

Jamie Dean

Inner Voice Facilitator, RTT Therapist, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing, StrengthIN session Timezone: PST, Language: English Hi! My name is Jamie and I help people connect and deepen into the magic within themselves. I believe life is meant to be en(joy)ed and anything blocking us from that pleasure can be alchemized. Life is a cycle of […]

Eliza Sharp

Classis Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Beanbag Release Sessions, StrengthIN Sessions, Certified Life Coach, Intuition Coach, Masters in Global Leadership, Relationship Coach, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Coach, Grief Coach, Public Speaking, Journaling, Intentional Life Design, Mindfulness, Parenting Timezone: CST, EST Language: English As a coach with decades of experience, I love assisting my clients as a guide […]


Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Artist, Timezone: IST, Language: English, Hebrew It’s so simple: breathe out and listen in.There’s a simple and beautiful path that you are naturally guided to at all times. Your inner voice is your best tool and will always lead you to more fun, playfulness, and expansion. The answers you hear might […]