Inner Voice


The answer to life's
questions are within you.

What You'll Learn

For more than a decade, I have fine-tuned my deep inner voice work with hundreds of clients worldwide to help people receive the personalized guidance their minds seek and to live as their own inner voice.

Thanks to the (extremely) enthusiastic encouragement of my inner voice clients and students…

I have developed IVFT to teach and train you with my approach, so you can do this yourself as a business, for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Now you, along with 230+ IVFT graduates worldwide, can help clients and loved ones go beyond their minds, receive personalized inner guidance, experience unwavering peace, and release what I call “emotional bean bags” from the mental/emotional body.

Whether you want to provide inner voice sessions as a full or part-time career, you want to expand your skills for an existing coaching practice, or you want to deepen your own intuition connection (or as a parent)… this training will teach you all you need to know – and provide the deeply supportive IVFT community as friends.


for free

Want to hear about IVFT from our recent graduates? Join us for our ‘Try IVFT for Free’ Mini-Course! This free online call is designed to give you a taste of the IVFT experience, and answer any lingering questions your mind may have!

You’ll experience what it’s like to have a coaching call with Bella and get a taste of what it feels like to be in IVFT. You’ll also hear from IVFT grads around the world all about their experiences during and after completing IVFT. 

Register to join us Thursday, May 30 at 11am Eastern / 4pm London time:

    How IVFT Works

    Full Class & Small Squad Experience

    IVFT members will work within both large and small group settings throughout the training. 

    Large group classes and coaching calls with Bella take place weekly. These sessions are recorded for those who can’t attend live, and they happen at different times throughout the course to accommodate various members’ time zones and schedules.

    IVFT members are also placed in a small squad of about 4 to 5 members and have a personal IVFT graduate squad leader. 

    You will be placed in a squad that has a similar time zone preference and have weekly squad meetings most weeks of the course. 

    Your squad leader is your mentor to help guide you personally with lots of direct feedback as you learn how to facilitate inner voice sessions. And your fellow squad members are new friends to connect and practice your Inner Voice Facilitation skills with as you begin.

    Graduate With or Without Certification

    IVFT members have the option to use this course to get fully certified as an Inner Voice Facilitator and use the training professionally or to skip the certification process if they just want to do it for their own personal development.

    Either way, the training experience is the same – you just get to choose to opt-out of the certification elements if you prefer!

    IVFT Call Schedule

    All training calls will take place on Zoom every Monday.
    A replay will be available for you after each call.

    Week 1: June 17 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time
    Week 2: June 24 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time
    Week 3: July 1 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time
    Week 4: July 8 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time
    Week 5: July 15 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time
    Week 6: July 22 — Integration Week / No Call
    Week 7: July 29 — 11am Eastern / 4pm London time

    Registration Closes: June 13, 2024

    Purchase with one payment of $3333, two payments of $1666.66,
    or three payments of $1122 (until May 29).

    BONUS: Unlimited Sophia Sessions!

    You will get access to unlimited Sophia Sessions from the day you register until July 29 when IVFT wraps up.
    That is up to three months of Sophia Sessions for free!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I use IVFT training after I graduate?

    We have had graduates use their certification in a variety of ways. Some provide traditional, classic inner voice sessions to their clients in a full or part-time career, while others combine these techniques within other healing or coaching modalities. Our previous graduates have combined Inner Voice work with their intuitive eating coaching, RTT, and body work. If you do not wish to do this professionally, this training is also for you to deepen your own connection to your intuition and to know how to help others do the same.

    What if I cannot attend the sessions live?

    All of the calls will be recorded and available for you to watch at any time.

    You will also be part of a smaller group for practice with a Squad Leader who is there to support you. Between the recordings and the community, you will not be required to attend each session live; however you will coordinate with your Squad members for practice and implementation. 

    What is the format of IVFT?

    During weekly training calls, Jess will be taking you through the IVFT curriculum to prepare you for certification. You will also be part of a “squad,” a smaller group of peers, led by an alumni of IVFT for additional support, practice, and community. 

    The teaching sessions will be held via Zoom, the recordings will be uploaded to Podia, and you will be part of an exclusive IVFT group within the Lively Community app. The app group is ongoing, even after you graduate, so you can remain connected with other IVFT grads from prior and future rounds. 

    Registration Closes: June 13, 2024

    Purchase with one payment of $3333 or two payments of $1666.66, or three payments of $1122 (until May 29).

    BONUS: Get access to unlimited Sophia Sessions from the day you register until July 29!

    What Our Graduates Are Saying

    Before IVFT, I was chasing "success", trying hard to be who I thought I had to be to “manifest” more. But the more I chased, the more desperate I felt. Long story short, I couldn’t do it anymore and went deeply inward to integrate IVFT. I released any beanbags and followed my inner voice as best I could in each moment.

    Now, I can’t even relate to that person who was so desperate for “success”.
    I’m more stable, grounded, present and at peace than ever before and it just keeps expanding. My life isn’t a problem to solve anymore.

    My inner voice recently said “Freedom is all-inclusive. It’s not in never feeling a negative emotion or having a negative circumstance ever again. It’s in experiencing it and not needing it to be anything other than what it is.”

    I did the beta round of IVFT three years ago, and I use it as a reference point of my life- before IVFT and After. It has been the single most life changing thing I've ever done.

    When I initially joined, I just saw the training as a healing modality that I could offer as a new business. Little did I know, it was actually to help myself. My connection to my inner voice as a result is the most meaningful, joyful, profound aspect of my life now.

    It feels like a realization my soul called for across life times, to remember this knowing again,
    and here in this lifetime, I found the path through an unassuming online training.

    Am I a millionaire? No. Do I have the partner, the job, the house, the life? Not really. Am I 'always happy' and have 'no problems'? Not at all, sometimes the opposite. But am I deeply, utterly, unequivocally fulfilled and in love and charmed and in gratitude of simply existing and able to flow with my life's experiences? Yes, yes, yes. To find that deeper fulfillment, peace, and ease… despite, in addition to, and beyond life's conditions and circumstances- it is a journey IVFT has set me on, and a river I intend to continue flowing in.

    I have built lifelong friendships and I feel that I have found my 'soul family' through the training.
    I have now met several fellow facilitators in person, across the world.

    In the training, Bella shared her knowledge and experience without holding anything back. Nothing could have prepared me for the depth we went into about consciousness, duality and the nature of reality itself. I now also have my own 'lived' experiences of so many concepts I only read about in books before.

    For anyone like me who felt 'mindset coaching' wasn't the full story- yet you don't see yourself in a 'more spiritual' role either- becoming an Inner Voice Facilitator is the perfect bridge between and transcends these modalities.

    If you are feeling called to go deeper into this, know that the changes ripple far beyond a certification you gain.

    Before learning how to listen to my inner voice, I was a perfectionist always on the edge of overwhelm. IVFT changed everything — it's helped me heal old wounds, navigate drama, manifest magic, and live with a deep sense of inner peace.

    In the years since I've grown a business helping others cultivate this life-changing practice. I feel more joy on a daily basis than ever before and much of that is thanks to Bella, IVFT, this community, and of course, my inner voice!

    IVFT has enriched my life in so many ways! Of course, it has allowed me to deepen the connection with my inner voice. My mind is blown away by all the wisdom that resides within me!

    I'm also able to feel and release my emotions safely
    with the help of my fellow graduates or by myself. Facilitating sessions feels truly aligning for me. I'm looking forward to offering this service to my community and seeing where this flows in the future!

    I've always been interested in intuition, but I thought I was too analytical to have a real connection. Even so, I trusted my "Yes" for IVFT Round 1 and my life has never been the same.

    My Inner Voice helped me recover from corporate burnout
    and guided me to a new role with a flexible schedule, a six-figure salary, and a leadership position. Now I feel so much ease and flow in my life, and my Inner Voice is bringing fun and creativity into my highly technical professional field. I love that we can all flow with our Inner Voices' guidance, no matter what our personal and professional lives look like.

    IVFT has completely changed my life. It’s changed the way that I decision-make and how I flow through my day. It’s changed the way I respond to emotions that come up inside of me.

    Most importantly, IVFT has truly helped me heal the many wounds that I didn’t realize I was carrying. IVFT has also helped me understand the way other people may be functioning in their minds and not through their inner voice which has helped me provide more compassion for others.

    I initially joined IVFT to understand how to access my inner voice instead of just waiting for intuitive nudges to arrive to me. Understanding how to access my inner voice was only the tip of the iceberg!

    One of my biggest driving forces now is to use my inner voice as a mother, to help guide me through my parenting journey and to help my children understand and align with their inner voice.

    IVFT has given me the confidence to believe in myself and helped me add a new dimension to my wellness business where I not only provide Inner Voice Facilitation sessions, but also use the inner voice in yoga and various workshops I provide.

    And, I now have a community that helps me stay true and connected. Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving!

    IVFT is the most important investment I've ever made. For so much of my life, I believed that I could never be enough or truly loved unless I kept proving myself.

    I thought IVFT would simply help me get answers from my intuition. What happened was infinitely more powerful and unexpected. For the first time ever, I felt deeply loved and lovable. My Inner Voice helped me to feel and actually believe what I’d longed for - that I am always enough and I have nothing to prove. I’ve become so much more grounded and at peace with what is.

    Going through the program a second time as a Squad Leader changed my life yet again. I reinvigorated a daily practice of connecting to my Inner Voice and releasing beanbags, which catalyzed massive shifts. My business shifted from being on hold during medical leave to becoming fully booked in less than two months.

    Best of all, I feel an ever-expanding sense of possibility that my old self would have never believed.
    IVFT truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

    In the 6 months following IVFT, after integrating my inner voice and learning how to be in constant flow with it, my life completely flipped.

    I doubled my business income and grew a large and beautiful community that led me to opportunities to fulfill my dream of being a spiritual speaker, across the United States. I navigated a shattering breakup and moved out of our shared home, flowed 400+ miles away. Two weeks later, I ended up meeting someone who is so beautifully aligned for me.

    To say I have experienced a complete death and rebirth of myself this year is an understatement. And yet, what I feel on the other side is so much peace, profound freedom, internal bliss, and a deep knowing that my Inner Voice truly is guiding me in every moment. Had I not had IVFT, I am not sure where I would be today.

    There is a distinct crossroads in my personal story: all that was before IVFT and all that has come since.

    Building an unwavering connection with my inner voice has permanently changed my world, and I literally cannot imagine my life without it. IVFT is without a doubt the single best investment I ever made in myself.

    Join IVFT Round Six

    Registration closes: June 13, 2024

    Purchase with one payment of $3333, two payments of $1666.66, or make three payments of $1122 (until May 29).

    BONUS: Get access to unlimited Sophia Sessions from the day you register until July 29!