Flowing Up

Audio Series

the more I let go, the higher I flowed

Reflections of a 5-year travel journey by Bella Lively

What's Flowing Up?

After five years of traveling the world (mostly) full-time in 2016-2021, it’s time to share all the behind the scenes stories that I haven’t mentioned on The Lively Show! 

My real thoughts on the Tony Robbins event… the treasure I found at the top of the Mayan Ruins in Belize… the experience that showed me how to release “emotional bean bags…” the deep state of realization that happened during lockdown in Hawaii in 2020… 

It’s all revealed in Flowing Up!

Though much of my journey has made its way into flow diaries-style podcast episodes, Flowing Up puts the entire unimagined and unexpected journey into a cohesive audio series. 

Personal experiences such as dating, psychedelics, enlightenment, and my two near-death experiences are included.

Join my co-host, Megan Sutherland, and I for a funny, informal, and honest account of all that happened behind the scenes of the past five years of this Lively Adventure.

About Flowing Up

Flowing Up is a 555 minute audio series detailing various aspects of my travel life with my friend and co-host, Megan Sutherland. These 7 audio chapters can be downloaded to the device of your choice: 

Chapter 1

Dating + Relationships



Enlightenment + Realization



Abundance + Career



Travel Safety + Packing



Sex, Visas, & Pure Consciousness – AKA: All the Times I Thought I Was “Done”



Inner Voice Guidance



Listener Q&A + Final Thoughts

The Flowing Up Bundle Includes:

Flowing Up Audio Series

A 555 minute audio series covering 7 chapters — see above for a rundown of the chapter titles! After purchasing Flowing Up, you’ll gain access to the audio files, which you can either listen to from your laptop or phone, or download to your iTunes account.


As a free bonus, the Flowing Up bundle also includes recordings from the original A Lively Adventure audio series, including 450 minutes of audio broken down in 9 total chapters.

The topics and chapters from this series include: (1)Periods, Pimples, and PCOS / (2) Dating in the Time of Tinder / (3) Opening Up: From Mussels to Psychedelics / (4) From Channeling Intuition to Channeling… Joe? / (5) Law of Attraction, Energy, Quantum Mechanics and (Sub)consciousness / (6) “The most glamorous homeless person I’ve ever met” Traveling Solo as a Single Female / (7) Flow, Alignment, and the Divine Spark / (8) The Many Layers of Self Love / (9) Bonus Round: Answers to Questions You’ve Asked

digital downloads

We made you a little selection of desktop and phone backgrounds with the Flowing Up logo — a little daily reminder that when you “let go” you can flow higher in your own life, as well!

Transcripts of Flowing Up + A Lively Adventure

Both Flowing Up and A Lively Adventure are transcribed in text for those who prefer to read the content, or as a reference to help if you want to find a topic quickly!