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Inner Voice


About Inner Voice Sessions

Classic Inner Voice Sessions allow you to live as your inner voice and receive deep inner guidance on all aspects of your life in a single 90-120 minute session.

An Inner Voice Facilitator will help you access the state of awareness that allows you receive inner voice answers on the topics your mind has the most questions about.

If what Bella calls “emotional bean bags” (deep, stuck emotions lingering in the emotional body) appear during the session, the Inner Voice Facilitator will help you learn to release them safely and effectively.


Below is a list of Inner Voice Facilitator Training graduates worldwide who are available for online Inner Voice Sessions. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right Facilitator for you, and reach out to them directly to learn more about their offerings or to schedule a session.

Meg Comeau

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Timezone: MST, EST, Language: English

Meg’s past struggles with self-confidence, body image, anger, victim-mentality, people-pleasing, and guilt of moving far away from family has given her a deep understanding in guiding clients to emotional healing and inner-wisdom and clarity around these areas. She knows from experience that self-healing, self-love and inner work is contagious and radiates out in unexpected ways; positively affecting people in your inner and outer circle and beyond! She truly believes that self-healing is possible for everyone and she is passionate about making sessions accessible and affordable for all clients and will work with them to find aligning rates that fit with their current financial circumstances. If you feel the pull to connect, she cannot wait to witness you and your inner voice on this very exciting journey!

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Dana Evans

Emotional Feeling & Clearing Coach, Inner Voice Facilitator, Somatic exploration, Nervous system support, Breath and Body Coach, Classic Inner Voice Sessions, Beanbag Release Sessions, Timezone: MST, Language: English

Bringing order to emotional chaos – Want to feel comfortable exploring the full spectrum of emotions? What if you could unpack your emotional baggage with guidance and support?

My mission is to take you on a journey back home to yourself by shedding old, trapped emotions and opening up to the wisdom of your Inner Voice.

With the coaching industry thriving and all the minds working and striving, I am here to help you find the gentle stillness within – to sense, see and shed unprocessed emotions that are stuck in your body. 

The work I do with my clients is best described as an exploration, an in-depth experience where YOU connect with YOURSELF and learn to trust the knowing deep within. It’s an unlearning, an unfolding that ultimately leads to an unleashing. 

Ready to explore?

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Lindsay Tanner

Classic Inner Voice Session, Bean Bag Releasing, Yoga Teacher, Timezone: MST, PST, Language: English

My mission is to help you live your most aligned life through discovering your own internal guidance, inspiration, and empowerment. Through inner voice work, I believe we all have the power to live present, fulfilling, and peaceful lives. I love working with those that are new to inner voicing and want to deepen their connection.

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Jenelle Katrine Nicolajsen

Inner-Voice & Bean-bag Release Sessions for Hormonal Balancing | Fertility & Preparing to Conceive |  Navigating Pregnancy: Care & Preparing for Birth, Postnatal and Motherhood | Holistic Wellness Topics | Inner Connection & Emotional Release Instructor, Mamahood Journey Mentor & Holistic Wellness Facilitator | Timezone: MST, Language: English

A decade’s long buildup struggling with hormonal distress, missing ovulation, acne, anxiety and a host of other health symptoms, drove me to desperation and sparked the unfolding of my divine healing journey. Immersing myself in natural and holistic modalities, emotional healing and connecting to my Inner Voice, my cycle became regular for the first time, skin transformed, my ovaries shifted from cystic to normal (reversing my PCOS diagnosis!), I conceived effortlessly and went on to have a magical, norm-defying pregnancy and birth!

I now find so much overflowing joy and delight integrating the insights and wealth of wisdom gained from my own hormonal healing and inner-led mamahood journey to hold space for women to unravel the confusion, frustration and overwhelm and uplift, support, guide and them towards healing, alignment and harmony withIN and withOUT!

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Kandie Koed

Inner Voice Coach, Bean Bag Releases, Subconscious Identity Transformational Coach, Master Manifester, Timezone: MST, Language: English

Guided by my inner voice I combine neuroscience, physics and ancient wisdom to guide you in creating lasting changes so you may design a life you truly love living.