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Inner Voice


About Inner Voice Sessions

Classic Inner Voice Sessions allow you to live as your inner voice and receive deep inner guidance on all aspects of your life in a single 90-120 minute session.

An Inner Voice Facilitator will help you access the state of awareness that allows you receive inner voice answers on the topics your mind has the most questions about.

If what Bella calls “emotional bean bags” (deep, stuck emotions lingering in the emotional body) appear during the session, the Inner Voice Facilitator will help you learn to release them safely and effectively.


Below is a list of Inner Voice Facilitator Training graduates worldwide who are available for online Inner Voice Sessions. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right Facilitator for you, and reach out to them directly to learn more about their offerings or to schedule a session.

Ananya Das

 Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, StrengthIN, Cultural Identity Shifts, Timezone: GMT/BST (UK), Language: English

I believe we get to be dynamically diverse, in our heart-set, mindset and culture! I help you to embrace all that you are and all that you want to be through intuitive actions and mindful inclusivity. Through Inner Voice Facilitation, I support you in deepening your connection to your own intuition, holding space so you can listen to the answers already within you!

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Jenny Hohendorf

Inner Voice Facilitator, Focused-Inner Voice Session, Bean-bag-Release, Brand and Business Coach, Timezone: GMT, CET and Worldwide, Languages: German, English

Is there a certain topic that you are attached to and that is spinning in your mind? Do you find it difficult to get answers from your Inner Voice on this particular topic? Besides the regular Inner Voice Session where we go through the 4 big topics in life: Purpose, Money, Relationships and Health, I also offer Focused Inner Voice Sessions: You let me know upfront what’s holding your mind in distress, so that I can facilitate the discussion with your Inner Voice around this topic. I will ask questions that go deeper so that you can completely relax into listening for your Inner Voice’s answer and allow you to let go of any blocks. I look forward to hearing from you and helping your mind find more ease and clarity!

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Melanie Mondini

Inner Voice Facilitator, Beanbag Release Sessions, Human Design Reader & Coach, Timezone: GMT, Language: English

‘Mel, this is the deepest I have ever gone exploring places I was scared before to go to…’ is a feedback I receive often. With my 15 years experience in the Wellness and Holistic Health Industry I have the background and solid foundation needed to be able to guide you through these sessions, so that you can experience your Inner Self fully, feel your emotions safely and let go of unwanted / no longer needed behaviour and thoughts in a safe, kind and judgement free environment. 

All topics are welcome, most clients I attract want to explore/work on their relationships, self-worth, self-love, happiness at home, fulfilment in work or release specific trauma. 

I also love all things parenting, motherhood, pregnancy and birth and the journey to fulfil ones purpose in this lifetime.

Trust your intuition that you stopped by me for a reason and if there is a Full Body Yes to working with me then I cannot wait to connect with you.


Harriet Hoult

Inner Voice Facilitator, Creativity, Art, Timezone: GMT, Language: English

Harriet Hoult is an artist, a graphic designer, a creative mentor and an inner voice facilitator.  She is passionate about the creative process and working in a intuitive way to find ones own creative path. She regularly mentors people of all ages on both a group and one-to-one basis, as well as doing inner voice sessions with people all over the World, via zoom. As an artist, her paintings have been shown in galleries, art fairs, and private collections throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East, and the US.

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Rita Lemos

Inner Voice Sessions, Somatic Experiencing Sessions with focus on trauma renegotiation, nervous system regulation, and interoceptive consciousness, Timezone: GMT/ GMT+1, Language: English, Portuguese, Italian

I’m a nurse, Somatic Experiencing practitioner, breathwork and Inner Voice Facilitator. 

I promote education about our body’s innate wisdom and support people through the empowering path of self healing and transformation.

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Alex Alabadi

Inner Voice Facilitator, Introspective Communication, Wellbeing Illustration, Illustration, Muralling, Animation, Timezone: GMT, Language: English, Spanish and Catalan

As an artist, I’m familiar with art blocks. As an overanalyzing human, I’m familiar with indecision. And as a recovering people pleaser, I have seen how much that’s not ours we can carry. I have found Inner Voice practice to help deeply with these kinds of issues.

Accessing the deep knowledge inside myself has helped improve my art, my confidence in my creativity and has made me feel lighter and more free with my choices. I would love to help you connect with that infinite knowing inside of you and show you how you can live lighter too.



Hannah Byrne

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, StrengthIN Sessions, Timezone: BST, GMT Language: English

Hannah holds space for you and your inner voice in a caring and loving way that even in your most vulnerable moments you feel safe to experience the darkest emotions. Hannah’s inner voice and bean bags sessions have a playful and light feeling and she loves working with minds that have strong beliefs, to change those beliefs and build trust with their own inner guidance system. 

Her mission is to help you see that life gets to be fun. 

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Cláudia Fonseca

Inner Voice Facilitator, Coach, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Health Coach, Intuitive Eating, Timezone: GMT, CET, CT, Language: English & Portuguese

I am very passionate about integrating our unique stories and creating a lifestyle and habits that are connected to our souls. I’ve been working as a health coach and intuitive eating and counselor. As a IV facilitator I’ve added an incredible layer to my work that made all the other areas so aligned to work with now. Looking forward to connect with you.

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