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Inner Voice


About Inner Voice Sessions

Classic Inner Voice Sessions allow you to live as your inner voice and receive deep inner guidance on all aspects of your life in a single 90-120 minute session.

An Inner Voice Facilitator will help you access the state of awareness that allows you receive inner voice answers on the topics your mind has the most questions about.

If what Bella calls “emotional bean bags” (deep, stuck emotions lingering in the emotional body) appear during the session, the Inner Voice Facilitator will help you learn to release them safely and effectively.


Below is a list of Inner Voice Facilitator Training graduates worldwide who are available for online Inner Voice Sessions. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right Facilitator for you, and reach out to them directly to learn more about their offerings or to schedule a session.


Hannah Siddiqui

Inner Voice Facilitator, Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, Astrologer, Spiritual Mentor, Timezone: PST, Language: English

We are all made of magic. Despite what the world may want to tell us, there’s a cozy, magical space inside of us brimming with inspiration. And when we tap into that inspiration, we open the doors to creating a life beyond our wildest dreams. It’s time to come home to that magical, aligned, & abundant version of you.

Hi, my name is Hannah and I specialize in helping people come home to themselves and the truth of their spiritual essence. In addition to being an Inner Voice Facilitator, I am also a certified Meditation Teacher, Breathwork Facilitator, and I’m a second-generation astrologer. Using all of my tools, my ultimate purpose is to serve as the bridge that connects you to you. My Inner Voice sessions are an embodied, integrative, and ritualistic homecoming back to the magic that is waiting inside of you.

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Lindy Bison

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator,  Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, StrenghIN, Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation/Visualization, Timezone: EST and Worldwide, Language: English

Flow. Less preparing and more allowing. Silence is not to be feared. That is when we hear and feel the deepest kind of LOVE and get to know who we truly are. All will flow with ease and fun when it is meant to be.


Brenda Wilken

Certified Inner Voice Facilitator with Past Life Speciality, Health Coach, Reiki, Yoga, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing, Intuition Coach, Meditation, Mindfulness Timezone: EST, Language: English

I’m here to be your guide on your journey of self-discovery and personal growth, helping you live a life aligned with your inner wisdom. Through inner voice work, my mission is to empower you to find clarity and inner peace, whether you’re new to this or looking to deepen your connection. I offer sessions designed to help you access your inner wisdom. My flexible availability makes it easy for you to seek support when you need it. If your inner voice says we’re a fit, I’d love to connect with you.