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Inner Voice


About Inner Voice Sessions

Classic Inner Voice Sessions allow you to live as your inner voice and receive deep inner guidance on all aspects of your life in a single 90-120 minute session.

An Inner Voice Facilitator will help you access the state of awareness that allows you receive inner voice answers on the topics your mind has the most questions about.

If what Bella calls “emotional bean bags” (deep, stuck emotions lingering in the emotional body) appear during the session, the Inner Voice Facilitator will help you learn to release them safely and effectively.


Below is a list of Inner Voice Facilitator Training graduates worldwide who are available for online Inner Voice Sessions. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right Facilitator for you, and reach out to them directly to learn more about their offerings or to schedule a session.


Leticia Ringe

Award-Winning Life Coach & Inner Voice Facilitator specialising in Conscious Relationships, Holistic Business, Life Purpose & Intentional Life Design. Timezone: All (Digital Nomad), Language: English

Leticia Ringe is an Award-Winning, Double-Certified Life Coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy and The Life Coach School, Certified Inner Voice Facilitator & Teacher of Mov-IN Forward. She is also a Multiple-6 Figure Per Year Entrepreneur, World Traveller & Host of the Create a Life that is Beautiful Podcast which has more than 118,000 downloads. 

Leticia takes a holistic approach to coaching – incorporating body, mind + intuition – to support her clients to create lasting change & transformation that allows them to BE themselves at their highest, live a life of meaning + consciousness & thrive across their life as a whole: spiritually, emotionally, mentally, creatively, financially & physically. 

Today, Leticia is focussed on producing a body of work on Conscious Relationships, and it is her mission to support 3000 people by 2025 to create conscious relationships (romantic or otherwise) that turn you on and allow you to live your fullest potential.  

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Eliza Sharp

Classis Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Beanbag Release Sessions, StrengthIN Sessions, Certified Life Coach, Intuition Coach, Masters in Global Leadership, Relationship Coach, Mindset Coach, Intuitive Coach, Grief Coach, Public Speaking, Journaling, Intentional Life Design, Mindfulness, Parenting Timezone: CST, EST Language: English

As a coach with decades of experience, I love assisting my clients as a guide and support. A life you love is absolutely available to you. I work with clients to identify and release what is holding them back and then we go inward and discover how to move forward. I believe each of us has a beautiful connection to their unique inner voice and the ability to intentionally take small steps in order to create a beautiful and expansive life.

I am an adventuring New Englander, who loves marriage and being a mama to our two adopted boys. After working in the church and in academia, I am living my very best life as an intentional and intuitive coach.