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Teri Whipple

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Emotional Bean Bag Release Sessions, Certified Life Coach, Trauma-Informed Coach, Inner-Child Healing, Timezone: PST, Language: English

You have an inner voice inside of you. I’m not talking about the chatterbox inside your head. But the one that you carry deep down inside.

The one that is not afraid, worried, judgemental, angry, jealous, or ashamed.
The one that does not linger in the past or ruminate on the future.
It only knows the here and now.
It just is.

This inner voice is different.
It will remind you that you are always safe, loved, and guided.
It comes from the highest of good.
It will only tell you the truth.

It is deep.
It is knowing.
It is connected.
It is you.

You have access to it at any time. But to hear it, you must get still and silent to clear away trapped emotional energies and the thoughts of your mind.

That is where an inner voice session with a facilitator can come in.

Are you ready to experience the possibility?

I am ready to work with you. Let’s set up a session.

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