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Natana Mann

Inner Voice Facilitator, Classic Inner Voice Sessions, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Health Coach, Personal Trainer & Intuitive Movement, Timezone: EST, Language: English

How good does it feel to be told that throughout your life you will always have someone to turn to, to ask questions and to trust? How much better would it feel to know that the wisdom shared from them would be uniquely perfect for you at that moment? Well, that is your inner voice and your intuition.

Through our sessions together, I’ll help you discover and strengthen your connection with your inner voice so you can start to hear and take action in a more aligned way. Our sessions will be playful, supportive, light, grounding and powerful and always exactly what you need. I love bringing ease and movement into various areas of life, finding that little bit of space and inviting our inner voices to lead and radiate through. Please reach out if it feels aligned and I’m really looking forward to connecting with you and your inner voice soon.