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Kelly Keating

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Breathwork Teacher, Emotional Bean Bag Releasing Sessions, Timezone: EST Language: English

Having a strong, clear connection to the inner voice & intuition is invaluable. Over the past several years I’ve navigated huge, challenging life transitions and discovered that life is amazingly beautiful and that trusting in the unknown can be so fruitful. In my inner voice sessions I hold space for you while you safely learn how to hold space for yourself, which is a tool you can take wherever you go in life. I incorporate my experience as a breathwork teacher into my sessions to move through any grief, fear, and heaviness. You will feel lighter on the other side, with access to greater perspectives and peace.

When you know how to hold space for yourself during uncomfortable moments, you can really trust yourself deeply to make aligned, liberating, and exciting decisions from a very grounded and authentic place.

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