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Jane Alice Buchanan

Classic Inner Voice Facilitator, Past Life Specialty Inner Voice Sessions, RTT Facilitator, Timezone: AEST, Language: English

We all have the answers within – inner-tuition or as we call it in the Lively community, ‘inner voice’ – that’s there to guide you along your path. Clearing space to access a peaceful state of awareness to hear your inner wisdom with clarity is one of the most beautiful, loving gifts you can give yourself.

Classic Inner Voice Session – I will help you tap into that deeper state of awareness to allow you to receive the answers to the questions that most plague the mind, releasing any trapped emotions or outdated beliefs that no longer serve you along the way.

Past Life Inner Voice Session – Curious if trapped energies or beliefs from past-life outcomes or situations are affecting this life? This is an exciting new aspect of the classic ‘Inner Voice Session” – in this session, I will guide you into a deep, connective space where we go direct to the source to receive awareness, guidance, clarity, and resolution. You have the power to create a new ending and outcome to any story…the possibilities are endless and so are you!

Going beyond the mind’s limitations will open you up in ways you never could have imagined – I’m excited to hold space for you if you are ready to open yourself up to this truly beautiful life.