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Elif Erisik

Inner Voice Facilitator, Soul & Mental Coach, Female Self-Empowerment, Business & Leadership, Breathwork & wingwaveⓇ EMDR-Coach, Timezone: UTC+1 Switzerland, Language: German and English

“FACE IT & EMBRACE IT” – Dear ladies, honestly: If you wanna become yourself, free and more self-empowered than ever, you might never hear a better advice from me in my coaching sessions. My name is Elif, I’m from Switzerland and I firmly believe that true joy and happiness is an inside job. And the most effective and beautiful way to do it – is by using your inner voice. I’d love to show and teach as many women as possible how to use it as their magic life compass. So feel free to contact me and let’s get rid of your old fears and stucked feelings. Become the beautiful, strong woman from the inside you’ve always been. Life will never be easy, but it will be so much lighter if you follow your inner voice. So, let’s face and embrace it together! Yours, LovELIFe!

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