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Dana Evans

Emotional Feeling & Clearing Coach, Inner Voice Facilitator, Somatic exploration, Nervous system support, Breath and Body Coach, Classic Inner Voice Sessions, Beanbag Release Sessions, Timezone: MST, Language: English

Bringing order to emotional chaos – Want to feel comfortable exploring the full spectrum of emotions? What if you could unpack your emotional baggage with guidance and support?

My mission is to take you on a journey back home to yourself by shedding old, trapped emotions and opening up to the wisdom of your Inner Voice.

With the coaching industry thriving and all the minds working and striving, I am here to help you find the gentle stillness within – to sense, see and shed unprocessed emotions that are stuck in your body. 

The work I do with my clients is best described as an exploration, an in-depth experience where YOU connect with YOURSELF and learn to trust the knowing deep within. It’s an unlearning, an unfolding that ultimately leads to an unleashing. 

Ready to explore?

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