living weightlessly within mind + body

For nine years, I thought about how my body looked more than anything else.

  • I counted the same calories dozens of times each day.
  • I ran endlessly and trained for three marathons to lose weight.
  • I tracked food types on portion control notepads.
  • I worked one-on-one with nutritionists, therapists, and joined Weight Watchers. 

… I made a full time job out of monitoring, moving, and eating to help my body “look good.”

But in this obsessively mental state, my body was borderline anorexic for four years, and holding onto more weight than my frame naturally needed through 5 years of emotional (binge) eating.

And during the 40 pound swing of the scale: at no point was my body thriving, peaceful, or anywhere near easeful. 

Eventually, just shy of a decade into the ordeal, I exhausted myself to the core. I claimed mental defeat on the subject.

I fired my mind from controlling of my body.

What I discovered in this process of “un-obsessing” and “un-controlling” my mind on the subject of food and exercise has transformed my body (and mind!) for the better.

For the past decade, my body has been sustainably in harmony within itselfI eat naturally. I feel emotions directly. I move joyfully. 

And most valuably, I have the peace of mind and body that I always craved during the years of overthinking.

Embodied Alignment is designed to help you release mental and emotional drain on your body.

If you want to…

Stop comparing what you eat to other people – online or in real life.

Let go of stressed, emotional eating.

Release the worry about photographs (and mirror reflections) you don’t like.

Eat guilt free, with clarity about popular ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods.

Eat for satisfaction, joy, and inner peace.

Support your body’s physical health in the best and highest way.

Manifest health and wellness ease-fully.

…that is exactly what we cover in this class.

embodied alignment


18+ hours of pre-recorded content, including ‘hot seat’ coaching sessions with Bella

A group RTT hypnotherapy session on body image

A custom RTT hypnotherapy recording 

An online inner stillness yoga class

What Students Are Saying

“The lessons and concepts Bella shared in Embodied Alignment helped me transmute (release) what feels like a lifetime of energy and shame associated with my relationship to sugar.

Once I released that ’emotional beanbag,’ I became aware of how much it was affecting things, because my mind had mad a connection between pleasure and guilt.

I feel released from that cycle to be free to enjoy pleasure, like some extraordinary sugary dessert, but “naturally” (which Bella shares exactly how to eat “naturally”) and 100% guilt free.

I feel like I released stored energy that has been holding me in a Groundhog Day of sorts since my pre-teens. I’m feeling so much lighter and more connected with myself.

I am just so grateful to you, Bella, and to the embodiment team.”

Meet the Collaborators

bella lively

Founder + Class Teacher

Rachel Crethar

RTT Hypnotherapist

Nishi Singhal

IVFT Grad + Yoga Teacher

Ready to find the peace of mind + body you've been craving?