Crystal Clear Workshop

Embodied Alignment is a 4-week self-paced course designed to help you release mental and emotional drain on your body. The training includes 18 hours of coaching call recordings with Bella, as well as RTT Hypnotherapy, and intuitive yoga. For those who want to enjoy their body, eat naturally, feel emotions directly, and move joyfully.

Expanding Alignment

Bella in a Sparkle Dress in the Ocean

Starting soon! As requested by 160+ community members, Bella is bringing a group of joy and alignment seekers into a 4 week experimental class for elevating our daily alignment beyond our norms! This monthlong workshop is ideal for alignment ‘pros’ and ‘newbies’ alike.

Aligned Business

Bella in white button up looking out window

Starting soon! Does your inner voice make decisions when it comes to the offerings, pricing, bookkeeping, taxes, hiring, and marketing for your business? In this unique 6-week class, we will work together to go from letting the mind run the show to giving your Inner Voice center stage.

Past Life Speciality Sessions

Past Life Speciality is Bella’s 4-week class designed to train IVFT Grads in helping their clients release past life stories.

Sacred Month of the Self

Sacred Month of the Self, or “Spiritual Summer Camp” as we have nicknamed it, is inspired by our flagship online certification training, IVFT. The Sacred Month of the Self is designed to help you learn how to connect with your inner voice on a deeper, regular basis and to release “emotional bean bags” as they come up in daily life. Large and small group settings allow you to connect with fellow members and get direct one-on-one support with your own personal ‘Spiritual Summer Camp Counselor’ throughout the experience.

The Lively Archive

New: Self-paced Class This is the archive of all available self-paced classes taught as Jess Lively.
288 hours of teaching and hot seat coaching on almost every topic you can imagine. Manifesting, flow, inner voice, body image, consciousness, brain states, relationships, entrepreneurship, emotional ‘bean bag’ releasing, time & financial abundance… it’s all here.


Inpowered is Bella’s 3-week class designed to help members release the inner stories that keep them stuck in victimhood and limitation. This class is a community request, as it has become a popular topic on The Lively Show. Inpowered members also have a private community to connect, make friends, and support one another.


Welling is Bella’s 4-month online program to help members thrive beyond their wildest dreams. Biweekly Welling coaching calls will help members who feel ready to actually live out the outrageously fun, free, and inspired actions that their inner voices are calling them to next. In addition to group calls, members also get a private 90-minute session with Bella to use at any point within the Welling program.

Inner Voice Facilitator Training

IVFT is our 7-week flagship online certification training designed to help you learn how to host Inner Voice Sessions and help clients release “emotional bean bags,” both as a potential business, and with those in your personal life. Large and small group settings allow you to connect with fellow members and get direct one-on-one support with your own personal Squad Leader throughout the experience.

Bella Vita

Bella Vita is a 6-week audio course sharing how to unfold of your own inner dream reality step-by-step… and eventually blend it into your physical reality. Weekly modules are paired with an additional Q+A coaching call recording.