in a 'mind full' world, we're growing aware

If you're ready to go beyond reading about mindfulness into deep experiences of awareness, this class is designed for you.

For years I read books and studied with teachers who spoke about what it was like to go beyond the mind.

But after awhile, it dawned on me that I was still stuck in my mind… learning consciousness concepts instead of experiencing them myself. 

Eventually, those concepts did intersect directly into my life, and I have been waiting until the right time to create a class on this very personally meaningful subject. 

In Awarefulness, I am going to experiment with a group of excited and introspective people to help shed more light and direct experience on the subject of awareness. 

Awarefulness is a 4-month online group program with biweekly group sessions & individual one-on-one time with Bella.

How the
Course Works

Group sessions will be filled with coaching and guidance for members on any topics that feel relevant to going beyond their mind and into their direct awareness. 

Plus, you’ll get access to Bella’s private calendar to book a private session with her during the program to get personal support one-on-one.

Awarefulness Begins April 18th:

Time-Cycled group calls:

Group sessions are hosted online, due to the intimate size of this group, the time zones listed below will be customized according to the group members and personal schedules. Sessions are always recorded.

Tuesday, April 18th at 6am EDT/ 11am BST / 8pm AEST

Tuesday, May 2nd at 11am EDT / 4pm BST / Wednesday, May 3rd at 1am AEST

Tuesday, May 16th at 8pm EDT / Wednesday, May 17th at 1am BST or 10am AEST 

Tuesday, May 30th at 6am EDT/ 11am BST / 8pm AEST

Tuesday, June 13th at 11am EDT / 4pm BST / Wednesday, June 14th at 1am AEST

Tuesday, June 27th at 8pm EDT /  Wednesday, June 28th at 1am BST or 10am AEST 

Tuesday, July 11th at 6am EDT/ 11am BST / 8pm AEST

Tuesday, July 25th at 11am EDT / 4pm BST / Wednesday, July 26th at 1am AEST 


Each Awarefulness member will receive a private 90-minute session with Bella at the time of their choosing

Members will get private access to Bella’s calendar to select a time to do a private session at any point throughout the program for in-depth guidance and support.


Awarefulness includes a private group community space for members to connect directly with one another and share experiences throughout and after the 4-month program.